Events with style

How do you want to stage your event?

Whether it’s an unforgettable event, conference, seminar or meeting, product launch or exhibition, formal banquet or reception, ball or private function – we have the ideal location for you!

Do you prefer Venetian Trecento? Or perhaps baroque opulence is more to your taste? Then again, maybe the Neo-Renaissance has caught your imagination? Well, we have exactly the right locations for your functions and meetings in Vienna’s historic city centre.

There’s Palais Daun-Kinsky and Palais Ferstel, which are both located on the picturesque Freyung square. Or the spacious Börsensäle on Vienna’s showpiece Ringstrasse boulevard. And that’s before you get to Café Central on Herrengasse. Brimming with Viennese charm, it is the place for excellent food and peerless pastries.

Organising events is a pleasure with Palais Events, right from the planning phase.

Exclusive in-house catering, custom technical solutions, and decorations tailored to your exact needs – we offer everything under one roof!

The Palais

ideal for galas, receptions, conferences and product presentations

Baroque charm for private functions, jubilees, press conferences, weddings and wedding receptions

popular choice for business and lifestyle events, cocktail receptions and concerts

Event locations for every occasion

Whether it’s a wedding, meeting, presentation, press conference, event or a lavish celebration, we have the perfect Palais venue for you – for every style and any number of guests. A total of 2,500m² is at your disposal.

The best way to find your perfect location

Organising events is a pleasure with Palais Events, right from the planning phase.

Our Service

Cooking up a storm

Based at Palais Ferstel and Café Central, our excellent in-house catering service ensures that every event is a culinary experience to remember

Our Executive Chef is the kind of chef that only asks himself one question each day: “What can I use today to create a treat that will cast a spell on our guests?“

It might be pasture-raised lamb cooked at a low temperature, served with the surprisingly understated aromas of parsnip foam.

Traditional Tafelspitz (premium boiled beef) has long since entered into the pantheon of nouvelle cuisine favourites, comfortably settling into a Julienne bed. And many other Austrian dishes have successfully staked their claim to a place at the international top table. We’re willing to bet that anyone who has a taste for fine food on the strength of all that, will just love Café Central’s award-winning pastries. Nut Kisses, Magic chocolate and all.

Everything organised perfectly, and served elegantly by the excellent in-house-catering team who will cater to your guests’ every whim. For an unforgettable event.

We for you

Cause for celebration!

We operate some of the capital’s finest venues for unforgettable gatherings – from weddings, functions and receptions to formal banquets, impressive presentations and business and lifestyle events. But we also have a close-knit, 100-strong team to offer support and advice and take on all the hard work on your behalf. Exceptional full service for single-source event planning.

Palais Events has all the answers when it comes to hosting unforgettable functions, meetings and celebrations.


Let us take care of the hard work for you!

Planning events, presentations, functions or weddings is – to put it mildly – not always straightforward. Organising guests, spaces, menus, seating, entertainment and accommodation, picking the right technical equipment… and where are the sockets!? The list goes on and on. Let us take all of that out of your hands – just tell us what you are hoping for and we’ll take care of the rest.

Services for your event:

  • Advice on picking the ideal location
  • Custom package
  • Coordination and support courtesy of our team
  • In-house catering
  • Service staff
  • Organising decorations
  • Seating and special furnishings
  • Organising technical equipment
  • Entertainment recommendations
  • Arrangement of suitable partners

Although we offer a wide range of services, we are not in a position to come up with themes and “produce” your events. If you require help with this, event communication, and invitation or registration management we will be more than happy to refer you to a suitable partner.

Our team

Kay Fröhlich

Kay Froehlich

Managing Director

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 33
Mobil: +43 (664) 854 87 69

Ulrike Eckhardt

Ulrike Eckhardt

Director of Banquet Operations

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 30
Mobil: +43 (664) 858 64 59

Mag. Martina Rath

Assistant to the CEO, HR

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 63
Mobil: +43 (664) 625 81 35

Christoph Kellner

Christoph Kellner

Head of Controlling/Purchase and Café Central 

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 52
Mobil: +43 (664) 88 46 67 99

Anna Karnel, MSc

Anna Karnel

Director of Sales and Marketing

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 34
Mobil: +43 (664) 625 82 18

Stefanie Pribik

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 27
Mobil: +43 (664) 625 85 63

Peter Ortmayr

Peter Ortmayr

Senior Banquet & Catering Manager

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 39
Mobil: +43 (664) 100 42 04

Eva Regenfelder

Eva Regenfelder

Senior Banquet & Catering Manager

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 32
Mobil: +43 (664) 836 90 84

Julia Bajer

Banquet & Catering Coordinator

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 36
Mobil: +43 (664) 836 90 81

Martin Berger

Martin Berger

Executive Chef Banquet

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 15
Mobil: +43 (664) 836 90 83

Manuela Radlherr

Manuela Radlherr

Chef Pâtissière

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 12

Bernhard Laimer

Bernhard Laimer

Executive Chef Café Central

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 15
Mobil: +43 (644) 884 33 271

Tobias Bernhard

Group & Guest Relations Café Central

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 61

Erhard Rothmeier

Erhard Rothmeier

Service Manager Banquet

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 35
Mobil: +43 (664) 836 90 80

Clemens List

Service Manager Café Central

Tel.: +43 (1) 533 37 63 – 24